"Get Out" Movie Illustration, 2020

Tide Pool, 2020

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2’ Poster V1, 2019

Knew (response to short story), 2019

Extremely Potent, 2020

Imagination (Foster the People Design Contest), 2019

Book Cover "Essa" by Pamela Tanzi, 2020

Where The Wild Things Are, 2019

RKS Merch Design, 2020

Vampire Weekend Animated Poster, 2019

Portrait of John with Pool Noodles (Private Commission), 2018

‘Call Me By Your Name’ Movie Poster, 2018

Hannah (Bronx), Boroughs of NY Project 2018

Pat (Queens), Boroughs of NY Project 2018

Courtney (Brooklyn), Boroughs of NY Project 2018

Waking / Rising, 2014 / 2020

Concept Sketch for The Plastic Revolution at BioDesign Challenge NYC, hosted at Parsons and MoMA, 2019

How America Went Haywire (Article Illustration), 2018

Grampy, 2013/Digitally enhanced 2017

Sleeping Sailor Pt. II, 2017

Kimchi Cat, 2020

Beyond, 2020

Fleet Foxes, 2019

"Essa" unused book illustration option, 2020

BTS, 2021